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Cloud and Communications Services

With our streamlined cloud IT services, your business can focus on what you do best.

How We Work

  • 15-1

    1 | Introduction and Initial Scope

    We meet with you to understand your business, the challenges you face and how we can help. We will work out which specialists we need to engage in order to achieve success for you and your stakeholders. We will provide an initial summary of the challenges and how we can help. This will be accompanied by a clear pathway and timeline.

  • 16-1

    2 | Detailed Scope and Report

    Our experts will develop a high level design, taking into account the nature of your business, its challenges and your processes. During this early stage, we maintain flexibility in design, budget and timelines (+/- 25%). From here we can commence a commercial proposal.

  • 17-1

    3 | Commercial Proposal

    We will finalise your solution, timescales, deliverables and KPIs as we produce a complete commercial proposal inclusive of proposed statements of work, rate cards and KPIs. 
  • 18-1

    4 | Contracting and Final SOW / Implementation Plan

    Once we have finalised the contracts, solutions design, statement of work, rate cards and KPIs, we will prepare to make your new environment a reality.
  • 19-1

    5 | Implementation

    Our technical team will carefully plan the implementation of your new environment to ensure maximum success and minimal disruption.
  • 20-2

    6 | Review

    We will collaborate with you on a quarterly and annual basis to ensure alignment and to make certain that you and your users receive the support and services you need from us.

What Makes Us Different

Australian Support

With more than 30 years of experience, our Australian-based support teams are readily available.


No one is an expert at everything. We have carefully cultivated partnerships so that you do not have to.


Through decades of experience, we have refined our expertise, ensuring that our solutions are reliable and tailored precisely to meet the needs of our customers.

We work exclusively on referral. The experience of our partners and their trusted connections is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Clients

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