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Trusted Technology

8Wave uses the latest technology and expertise to transform your sites and improve mobile coverage.


Fleet Management
Fleet Management
Mobile Hardware
Mobile Hardware
Signal Remediation
Signal Remediation
Mobile Fleet Management

Right Fleet & Right Cost

Is your mobile fleet using the right data and voice packages for communications? We work with industry leaders such as Telstra, Optus and 8x8 to ensure performance optimisation and cost management.

Mobile Hardware

Have The Right Devices

With more than 30 years of experience, we work will the top technology companies. From mobile phones, tablets, 5G mobile routers or 5G failover routers - your business will have everything you need.

As a service, 8Wave will manage this for you, providing convenience whilst maintaining cost transparency and simple reporting.

Mobile Signal Remediation

Boost Mobile Signal

8Wave has fostered partnerships with industry leaders to develop comprehensive solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Given the complexity and importance of having strong mobile data coverage, 8Wave is committed to using the latest technology and expertise to provide your business with robust, functional and targeted solutions with a strong ROI.

Mobile Signal Remediation

See The Improvement

Have your sites transformed with 8Wave's mobile signal remediation processes and checked with our post-installation survey.

8Wave conducts a post-installation survey to display the improvements to your site following the remediation process.

We will submit a closure report which includes the as-built, reading, and heat-map comparisons to show the coverage improvements.

Mobile Signal Remediation

Monitor Your Signal

Using the Addcom Wave remote monitoring tool, your business can track the performance of your Cel-Fi repeaters from anywhere.

The data available includes live signal readings, graphed signal reading history, location data, offline alerts and low-signal notifications.

Through collecting this data, 8Wave is able to quickly notify users of any issues within their network of repeaters via email.


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