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Business Intelligence Focus 2

Unlock The Value of Human Interactions

Use business intelligence and AI to capture data and provide actionable insights for your business.


Improve Customer Experience
Improve Customer Experience Improve the experience of your customers by ensuring you are up-to-date with AI and analytics tools.
Contact Centre Efficiency
Contact Centre Efficiency Reduce call volumes, onboarding and time spent analysing calls for compliance.
Sales Team Insights
Sales Team Insights

Employ AI and analytics tools to unlock potential in your teams' interactions.

Improve Customer Experience

Let us solve your customer experience issues and turn them into strengths.

8Wave's experts have been working with AI for many years to make these solutions a reality.


Drive Contact Centre Efficiency

Utilise a conversational AI and automation platform that can augment conversations across your business. With a 20% reduction in call volume and a 50% reduction in time spent analysing calls for compliance.


Improve Sales Team Insights

Ensure that your team is asking the right questions. With more-and-more sales negotiations occurring over video conferencing or voice calls, provide real-time guidance in the moments that matter.


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