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Proactive Management

With 8Wave's managed services, free up your resources to focus on the important things.


Australian-Based Service Desk
Australian-Based Service Desk Proactive support when you need it. Delivered in partnership with your business.
Managed Infrastructure
Managed Infrastructure Free up your resources to run your business. We will take care of your secure infrastructure for you.
Remote Management & Monitoring
Remote Management & Monitoring Comprehensive management of devices and networks.
Managed End Point
Managed End Point Manage access rights and apply security policies.
Managed Network
Managed Network Be securely connected and able to collaborate with your team.
Managed Cloud Services
Managed Cloud Services Get best-in-class storage, network and server technologies without sacrificing resources.
Australian Based Service Desk

Local Support

Proactive managed services start with the people you call when you need help. Our support desk provides you with the comfort of knowing that help is around the corner when you need it.

We provide the right support for your business whenever you need it.

Simple as that.


Managed Infrastructure

Let Us Take Care Of It

We free your resources up to focus on the issues that matter to you - running your business.

We simplify things for you by securely and proactively managing your infrastructure to give you the right solutions for your business. 

Remote Management and Monitoring

Enhance Operation

Our Remote Management and Monitoring solution simplifies IT oversight, ensuring comprehensive management of devices and networks.

This service enhances IT operations, security, and service delivery, providing unified device management, automated patching, and secure remote access to improve efficiency and maintain operational health.

End Point Management

Rights & Security

With the ever-increasing number of devices being managed remotely across organisations it has never been more important to manage access rights and apply security policies to all end point devices.

By automating routine tasks such as software installations, patching, device configuration, and maintenance, we standardise outcomes, free up time for our technicians, and improve device reliability.

Managed Services

Secure Connection & Storage

Managed Network
Managed NetworkOur managed network solutions make sure your business is connected securely and ensures that your teams can collaborate effectively wherever they are and whenever they need to. 
Managed Cloud Services
Managed Cloud Services

Our experienced team will take care of your entire cloud environment allowing you to benefit from best-in-class storage, network and server technologies without needing the time and resources to set up, maintain and manage your cloud services.

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