Setting the scene

The communications industry has gone through many evolutions over the last several decades. Connectivity has gone from copper phone lines to SIP and VoIP. Voice switched from hardware appliance PABX’s to software based servers for phone systems and contact centres. Communications modalities have expanded from just voice to include email, web, and social channels. Eventually, these aspects of communications converged in custom-managed services, and then onwards with multi-tenancy and artificial intelligence to what we now refer to as cloud. 


As our industry evolved so did we. Founded in 1991, Australian Business Telephone Company changed over time through mergers, acquisitions, and joint development with companies including Acoustic Innovations, Lascom, and Addcom; eventually ABTC Group emerged. For 31 years we have been serving our clients needs at the forefront of our industry. Now it’s time for our next step!

Evolution to 8wave

This evolution to the cloud has changed much of how communications platforms are served, the features available, and how ongoing development is supported. However, the fundamentals of great delivery remain the same; good discovery, validating compatibility, security, access to support, attention to detail, and ongoing consulting support.


This fusion of new and old has been led well by generalist systems integrators and managed service providers working with cloud platforms such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. However, integrated communications remains a specialist business requiring specialised skills, and most struggle to provide the depth of capability required for demanding real-time customer-facing systems.


To address this, we have developed new capabilities in cloud-focused relationship management, technology design, and complimentary field services. This has resulted in a number of new key staff and partnerships designed specifically to benefit our customer’s new ways of consuming services. With new people and evolved processes, we have embarked on a rebrand to enable our customers and the team to feel ownership in the outcomes that matter to all.

New Team Members in 2022 – 8WAVE Cloud Communications


8wave as a brand is a merger of the identities of two of our core service lines 8×8 X-Series Cloud Communications and Addcom Wave Analytics and Compliance. Of course, this is not the end of the journey, it is the beginning, over the next few months we will be continuing to release new complementary service lines.

Our Service Lines – 8WAVE Cloud Communications

8wave values

  • Great cloud products and services
  • Innovative and dependable delivery
  • Managed service wraparound
  • Continual improvement in our specialised field

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