Huawei TE10 – Huddle Room Cloud Video Endpoint

Transform your small meeting room into a high-definition video conference room in under one minute

Huawei’s TE10 is a compact yet powerful all-in-one video endpoint that really delivers on all aspects of  video conferencing.

Designed for small-to medium sizes rooms or huddle rooms, the TE10 offers a 1080P HD video conferencing experience and fantastic network adaptability while the simple and easy-to-use design ensures a great user experience.

One minute installation
Installing the TE10 takes about a minute. Clip it on top of a display. Connect power and HDMI cables. You’re ready to communicate!

Cloud collaboration – conference in the cloud with a onetime configuration
The TE10 can automatically configure data after the initial manual registration on the Videxio cloud platform. Cloud conferencing has never been so easy.

Audio quality
Featuring a miniature microphone array, the TE10 supports directional sound pickup across a 180-degree arc with an optimal range of 6 meters. With excellent sensitivity and a noise reduction feature, this microphone ensures realistic sound that captures every detail of the dialogue. For users who require audio for larger rooms, the in-built Bluetooth functionality allows the uses of external mics or speaker units. Featuring acoustic echo cancellation, automatic noise suppression and AudioEnhancer technology,  the TE10 provides users with exceptional audio.

Video quality
Offering 720p video resolutions at 30 fps, the wide-angle lens with 3x digital zoom means this device works well for small spaces only. If you are concerned about your low bandwidth, the TE10 offers HD video  at a low bandwidth of 384 kbit/s so do not need to be concerned. Patented Super Error Concealment (SEC) ensures high-quality video experience even with packet loss of 20 percent.

Concerns surrounding cloud video information security are eliminated as the TE10 supports media and signaling encryption.

AirPresence for easier mobile sharing
Connect to the TE10, using your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code, for mobile presentation sharing or alternatively use your PC for wireless presentation sharing.


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